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Both the University of Maryland and the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources graduation ceremonies were held on May 22. Congratulations to our Animal Science graduates!
Kayla Miner vividly remembers watching her sheep give birth to three lambs — Harry, Hermione and Ron — one spring Friday afternoon. “It was just the miracle of life, and I got to help and be a part of it,” the senior animal sciences major said. Miner watched the birth during her lamb watch course, ANSC 235: Applied Small Ruminant Parturition. Now she is a teaching assistant for the two-credit animal sciences course, in which students learn about and look after sheep on the Campus Farm.
From candy and quilts to embryos and heifers, the 2013 Maryland 4-H Dairy Judging team has been extremely busy this year with their fundraising efforts. The final fundraiser wrapped up on Sunday at the Maryland Purebred Dairy Cattle Association’s Combined Breed Field Day where a raffle ticket was drawn for a quilt that was hand pieced and machine finished by Kiera Finucane.
The final round of voting closed on Monday and the official names for the Campus Farm's new foals are in. The names, voted on by the public, will be the names these two foals run under in their...
The Department of Animal and Avian Sciences hosted its most exciting event of the year, the 28th Annual Symposium, on Thursday, May 29. Graduate students, postdocs, research associates, and faculty...
Dr. Jose Carrillo, graduate student in Dr. John Song's lab, was awarded in May a $10,000 Graduate All-STAR Fellowship from the Graduate School in recognition of being an outstanding scholar and outstanding graduate assistant.
Affectionately known as "Aunt Jeni" to an ever-growing family of pets and their owners, Jennifer Boniface is perhaps the most qualified of a growing number of entrepreneurs in the world of Animal Nutrition. Boniface's academic credentials set her apart from others venturing into the manufacture of natural diets, treats and supplements for pets.
Department alumnus and Adjunct Professor, Dr. Budhan Pukazhenthi ('96) was in the news recently as part of the team that made a breakthrough for the endangered wild horses of Mongolia known as Przewalski's horses.
The little filly born from AI at Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute Front Royal this summer is now more than six months old! She turned six months old on January 27. Here’s an update by Dolores Reed, one of the little horse’s keepers.
It has been said that research is a bit like looking for a black cat in a dark room. Although this may be an overly simplistic definition, there is some truth to the unknown twists and turns in examining science and times of not being able to see exactly the target you’re trying to grapple.
Many ANSC Terps have gone on to have long, successful careers. Here are four that have made a difference.
On March 6, 1856, the Maryland General Assembly chartered the Maryland Agricultural College, an institution now known as the University of Maryland. Between then and now, the University and campus have seen copious additions and changes, but the school still retains part of its Agricultural College roots.
While some kids get the opportunity to raise farm animals their entire life, it took Kelly Brower until college to get the chance to train a dairy heifer for Ag Day at the University of Maryland. It...
Matt Snider is a 2009 graduate of ANSC from Middlebury, VT. Matt left the country to work as a Research Intern for Global Visions International and is a member of their staff at Karongwe Game Reserve in South Africa. He returned to the states to work at The Peregrine Fund in New Mexico before returning to Africa. While working, Matt took the time to document his experiences travelling the world.
Growing up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I always knew that I loved animals. I have many fond memories of family pets, of taking in stray dogs and cats and rescuing injured wildlife with my mother. She was a great influence in my appreciation and respect for all creatures.
Senior Animal Sciences major Aikeen “AJ” Jones has been selected as one of the University of Maryland’s Undergraduate Researchers of the Year. AJ was honored at a reception on campus May 1 during the...


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