College of Agriculture & Natural Resources
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Dairy Educators

Dairy Faculty

Dr. Rich Erdman

Phone: (301) 405-1366, Email
Focus: Dairy Cattle Nutrition and Metabolism
Research Interests: Energy metabolism and nutritional factors that regulate milk fat synthesis in the lactating dairy cow.

Dr. Rick Kohn

Phone: (301) 405-4583, Email
Focus: Animal Nutrition Management
Research Interests: Improving the environmental impact of animal production systems. Identifying and evaluating farm management strategies to reduce nutrient losses from farms, and improve on-farm decision making.

Dr. Kasey Moyes

Phone: (301) 405-2997, Email
Focus: Nutritional Immunology - Dairy Cattle
Research Interests: Reducing the incidence and severity of metabolic diseases and disorders by improving dairy nutrition through the transition period with the use of genomics and metabolomics.

Dr. Bob Peters

Phone: (301) 405-1401, Email
Focus: Dairy Management
Research Interests: Proactive dairy management solutions for today’s ever-changing dairy industry.

University of Maryland Extension Educators

Dale Johnson

Phone: (301) 432-2767 ext.325, Email
Focus: Farm and Financial Management

Willie Lantz

Phone: 301 334-6966, Email
Focus: Forage-based Livestock Production, Garrett County

Jeff Semler

Phone: (301) 791-1304, Email
Focus: Farm Profitability and Agricultural Literacy, Washington County
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