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Calving Part 1: Getting your Farm Ready for Calving

Calving Part 2: Techniques for a Successful Calving Season

Calving Part 3: Assisting with Calving When Things Go Wrong

AI Synchronization Protocols

Cattle Health

Culling for the Future of Your Herd:

Racheal Slattery, ANSC's Beef and Dairy Extension Coordinator, presents a webinar entitled Culling for the Future of Your Herd.

Monday Moos Webinars

UMD Beef Extension Monday Moos Webinar Series: Why Cattle? What can I do with them? What sort of time and financial commitments are required?

UMD Beef Extension Monday Moos Webinar Series: Calf Management - Birth to Weaning.

Health and Housing Needs of Cattle (vaccinations, parasite control, castration, etc.)

Cattle Nutrition and Feeding: Body Condition Scoring and types of feeds for calves and adult cattle

Ticks and Cattle Information

Checking your Cattle for Ticks

A step-by-step guide on how to check for and remove ticks from your cattle, and help UMD Beef Extension track tick populations interacting with regional cattle.

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checking your cattle for ticks infographic

Asian Longhorned Tick Update

Where are Asian Longhored Ticks spreading in the region and important potential control options.

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Asian Longhorned Tick Update-2022

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Pasture Management

Guidelines for Seeding New Pastures and Renovating Old Pastures

  1. Plan Before You Seed
  2. Getting Ready to Seed
  3. Planting the Seed and Management After Seeding

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Handling Large Animal Mortalities

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Beef Producers Survey


Maryland Beef Regions Map


Currently the only way to get information related to the Maryland Beef Industry is via the 2012 Ag Census, which tells us the approximate number, county locations, size of primary operation (herd and acreage), approximate demographics and age. What this census doesn’t tell us is: their future plans, greatest challenges, preferred method of education and outreach and what topics they would like to see in the areas of education programming. In order to properly develop extension programming that will meet the current and future needs of our producers, we need to establish a baseline of information. The best way to collect this information would be to directly ask our Maryland Beef Industry producers. What information we will collect: operation characteristics including county location, type, and size; age of producers and their tenure in the industry; future plans; greatest challenges; preferred methods of education and outreach; topics for educational programming; production data that will include type of housing, pasture management, nutrition and how producers buy, sell and market their cattle.