ANSC Graduate Program

Welcome to the Department of Animal Sciences (ANSC) Graduate Program! 

We offer Master's and Doctorate degrees in Animal Sciences. Students will work closely with their faculty mentor during their graduate studies. Join an exciting group of dedicated professors doing cutting-edge research in the following areas of the animal sciences:

Program Highlights

ANSC Graduate Courses:

  • ANSC410: The Gut Microbiome and its Roles in Health and Disease

  • ANSC417: Regulatory Issues in Animal Care and Management

  • ANSC435: Experimental Embryology

  • ANSC436: Animal Health Policy and Communication

  • ANSC440: Zoonotic Diseases and Control

  • ANSC443: Physiology of Lactation

  • ANSC444: Domestic Animal Endocrinology

  • ANSC446: Physiology of Mammalian Reproduction

  • ANSC455: Applied Animal Behavior

  • ANSC617: Quantitative Techniques in Physiology and Nutrition

  • ANSC627: Molecular and Quantitative Genetics

  • ANSC644: Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology

  • ANSC660: Poultry Literature

  • ANSC688I: Comparative Vertebrate Immunology

  • ANSC688J: Zoonotic Diseases and Control

  • ANSC688O: Nutritional Aspects of Metabolic Disease

  • ANSC688W: Advanced Animal Welfare

  • ANSC698C: Seminar, Recent Advances in Animal and Avian Sciences

  • ANSC698D: Seminar, Developing Presentation Skills

  • BIOM405: Computer Applications in Biometrics

  • BIOM601: Biostatistics I

  • BIOM602: Biostatistics II

  • BIOM603: Biostatistics III