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Mid-Atlantic Nutrition Conference

April 7-8, 2020 Delta Hotels Baltimore Hunt Valley

The Mid-Atlantic Nutrition Conference (formerly the Maryland Nutrition Conference) is recognized as a premier educational event for the animal nutrition industry. Local, national, and international nutritionists share new, innovative, and practical research being conducted at universities, in industry and at government institutions. Regulatory issues and future opportunities are discussed. The program has historically been focused on poultry, dairy, and equine nutrition. In 2019 a Companion Animal session was added, and we are looking forward to piloting a Sheep and Goat session in 2020!

Brought to you by the following affiliations: Maryland Feed Industry Council, University of Maryland, American Feed Industry Association, Pennsylvania State University, Rutgers University, University of Delaware, University of Pennsylvania - Veterinary School, USDA, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, West Virginia University.  

Feed Industry Council

President: Marty Adams, Cargill
Vice President: James McNaughton. AHPharma
Treasurer: Chris Olinger, Wenger Feeds
  • John Clark, Feedworks USA
  • Clay Zimmerman, Balchem
  • Marvin Zimmerman, PHILEO-Lesaffre
  • Preston Buff, Vetdiet International
  • Bob Moseley, DSM

Conference Committee

Coordinator: Jennifer Reynolds, University of Maryland
Chair: Marty Adams, Cargill

General Program

Co-ChairPreston Buff, Vetdiet International
Co-ChairMarty Adams, Cargill


Poultry Program Committee 

Co-ChairJennifer Timmons, University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Co-Chair: Kate Meloche, Mountaire


  • Gina Harris, Heritage Poultry Management
  • James McNaughton, AHPharma, Inc.
  • Joe Moritz, West Virginia University
  • Chris Olinger, Wenger Feeds
  • Paul Patterson, Penn State University
  • Brian Dirks, QTI
  • TJ Gaydos, PHILEO-Lesaffre
  • John Boney, Penn State University
  • Mike Persia, Virginia Tech
  • Shawna Weimer, University of Maryland


Equine Program Committee

Co-Chair: Carey Williams, Rutgers University

Co-Chair: Tania Cubitt, Performance Horse Nutrition


  • Marty Adams, Cargill
  • Amy Burk, University of Maryland
  • Bridgett McIntosh, MARS
  • Shelly Facto, Poulin Grain
  • Ashley Wagner, Probiotech
  • Amy Biddle, University of Delaware
  • W. Burt Staniar, Penn State University
  • Danielle Smarsh, Penn State University
  • Nettie Liburt, Buckeye Nutrition


Dairy Program Committee

Co-ChairJohn Clark, Feedworks USA
Co-ChairGonzalo Ferreira, Virginia Tech


  • Tanya Gressley, University of Delaware
  • Rick Kohn, University of Maryland
  • Kevin Harvatine, Penn State University
  • Marie Krause, West Virginia University
  • Mike Westendorf, Rutgers University
  • Clay Zimmerman, Balchem
  • Don Jaquette, ADM Animal Nutrition
  • Ian Shivas, Renaissance Nutrition
  • Matt Michonski, Cumberland Valley Analytical Services  


Sheep and Goat Program Committee

Chair: Susan Schoenian, University of Maryland


  • Melanie Barkely, Penn State University
  • Brad Smith, West Virginia University
  • Dan Severson, University of Delaware 
  • Tim Mize, Virginia Tech


Companion Animal Program Committee

Chair: Preston Buff, Vetdiet International


  • Ashley Wagner, Probiotech
  • John Dickerson, Cargill
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