Internship Opportunities

Below is a sampling of internship opportunities for ANSC Students. 
Students interested in learning about earning academic credit for an internship should read the detailed information on this process posted on the Academic Credit page.

Campus Farm - College Park, MD
Gain large animal experience with sheep, horses, cattle, chickens, and pigs located right on campus. Open ONLY to currently enrolled UMD students. Volunteer. Contact the Assistant Farm Manager, Rose Cardinal for more information.

UMD Dairy Farm - Clarksville, MD
Get farm and milking experience working at a fully operational dairy that also conducts research. Paid. Contact Brian Spielman.

Wye Research Facility - Queenstown, MD
Work at a beef cattle farm and get experience in animal management, breeding, calving, and pasture management. Paid. Housing available on farm. Contact Ed Draper.

UMD Equine Research Unit - Clarksville, MD
Work with horses on feeding and pasture management studies. Responsibilities include daily horse care, pasture care, feeding, exercising, and collecting data, among other things. Open ONLY to currently enrolled UMD students. Paid. Contact Dr. Amy Burk.

National Zoo Internships - Washington, DC
Gain experience working with visitors or exotic animals at the National Zoo through a variety of internships. Unpaid.

Smithsonian Institution National Zoological Park (NZP) - Washington, DC
Past Internship opportunities include:

  • Research Programs Internship in Laboratory Management

  • Research Programs Internship in Reproductive Science

  • Research Programs Training of Trainers Program Development Intern
  • Center for Conservation Education and Sustainability

Academic Background Required: Graduate Students, Undergraduate Students
Citizenship Required: U.S. Citizens, Permanent U.S. Residents, Non U.S. Citizens/Residents

Smithsonian Institution National Zoological Park (NZP) - Washington, DC
Genetics Laboratory Internship Program

Contact: Robert Fleischer, Head - Genetics Laboratory
Phone: (202)-673-4781
Fax: (202)-673-4648

Academic Background Required: Graduate Students, Undergraduate Students

Citizenship Required: U.S. Citizens

Baltimore Aquarium Internships - Baltimore, MD
Internships available in a variety of fields such as animal care, aquaculture, aviculture, horticulture, herpetology, conservation, government affairs, media relations, training, etc. Unpaid.

Forage Management/Synchronized Nutrition Intern - PA, NY
The intern will assist the Winfield Solutions and Land O’Lakes Purina Feed personnel with respect to planting, crop management, and harvesting of uniform forages for use with dairy production. This position will include working with large dairy producers to scout fields, make crop management recommendations, monitor crop progress to insure silage harvest at optimum timing, recommending use of silage inoculants or preservatives to optimize forage quality, and tracking crop for proper harvesting and storage procedures. These activities will tie in with a Forage Management Plan process for producing quality dairy forages. Additional work with large dairies may include collecting silage and grain samples from existing on -farm feedstock piles in conjunction with implementation of the Synchronized Nutrition dairy ration management program. This position will also include participation in use of Answer Plot locations to train sellers, and to conduct direct marketing and sales to dairy producers. Activities will include helping organize educational events for seed/feed sellers, assisting in organizing one or more Synchronized Nutrition event(s) for 25+ large dairy producers, and follow -up with key prospects who have attended recent conferences or meetings. Overall, learn and gain understanding of the benefits on specific Winfield Solutions products in coordination with feeding programs with lactating dairy cows. Additional job duties and responsibilities will be outlined by the primary supervisor and performance results reviewed mid -term during the internship. For more information contact Perry Denton, Land O' Lakes Purina Feed, 585 -259 -9170.

Indiana Division of Fish and Wildlife Naturalist Aide - IN
Assist fish hatchery managers, district fish management or research biologists in conducting field and laboratory investigations. This includes: lake and stream fish population surveys, creel surveys, fish population estimates, water quality analysis, public relations, aquatic weed control, fish population control, fish habitat improvement, and fish culture activities. Please indicate a preference for fish management or fish culture when submitting a resume for consideration. Paid. Contact Robin Longenbaugh for more information.

Research Assistant, Organic and Conventional Cropping Systems - Beltsville, MD
This position can be full -time in the winter, with an opportunity for the student to work part -time during the school year. Hours are flexible, but need to be arranged with supervisor. Winter work will mainly consist of sample preparation and organization but activities may also include taking soil, gas, and plant samples in the field, some lab work, data entry and management, and miscellaneous activities to keep the project running. Paid. For more information contact Chris Rasmann.

Sporthorse Breeding Internship - Middleburg, VA
Interns will participate in daily horse care and management, foaling and breeding work, develop skills in handling and training young horses, travel to regional breeding farms and events, develop proficiency in breeding stock selection, conformation and gait evaluation, and pedigree analysis through classroom sessions, projects and review of scientific literature, cultivate instructional, outreach and leadership skills by assisting with summer educational programs and events hosted at the farm, and assist faculty and graduate students with ongoing research projects. Housing provided, college credit available. Contact Dr. Rebecca Splan or call 540 -687 -3521 ext 26.

Horticulture Intern, Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, Inc - Pittsburgh, PA
Horticulture interns work with horticulture staff in various capacities to plant and maintain the gardens and conservatory plantings. Interns can take part in educational offerings of Phipps in the evenings at no cost, except material fees when applicable. A field trip and presentations on the history of Phipps and Phipps’ innovative “green” features and plans for the future will also be included. This internship is a great opportunity to gain hands -on experience in a renowned horticultural institution. For information regarding this position please contact Linda Holsing.

Education Intern, Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, Inc - Pittsburgh, PA
Education Interns work with the education staff in various capacities in the Discovery Garden. Interns can take part in educational offerings of Phipps in the evenings at no cost, except material fees when applicable. A field trip and presentations on the history of Phipps and Phipps’ innovative “green” features and plans for the future will also be included. This internship is a great opportunity to gain hands -on experience in a renowned horticultural institution. For information regarding this position please contact Linda Holsing.

National Science Resources Center Internships - Washington, DC
Internships available in seven different areas, The Center for Building Awareness of Science Education, The Center for Strategic Planning and Reform Initiatives, The Center for Teacher Professional Development Initiatives, The Development Division, The Publications Division, The Executive Office, and The Finance & Administration Division. To learn more about these programs contact Angela Pritchett, 202-633-2284.

Science Mentor Position with Walter Reed - Washington, DC
Become a mentor to a middle school or high school student, helping them learn about physiology or anatomy in an after school program. Paid. For more information contact Judy Miller at 301-319-7599.

Sea Turtle Nesting Internship - Volusia County, FL
Conduct early morning sea turtle nesting surveys. This work includes marking, relocating, and excavating sea turtle nests and recording all necessary data under the supervision of a field biologist and along with other volunteers. Obtain experience handling four wheel drive vehicles including ATV's. A vehicle for work use will be provided. Use sub -meter accurate GPS units to obtain waypoints at all nest sites and use the associated software to obtain the data and manipulate it for use in other applications. Computer work including using Microsoft Access and Excel programs to document sea turtle nesting data and other field obtained information. Assist with sea turtle lighting surveys. Other opportunities include other wildlife monitoring, bird and turtle rehabilitation husbandry, coordination of beach clean up events, responding to marine mammal and sea turtle strandings, and making connections for future opportunities within this field of interest. Unpaid.

Menare Foundation CSA Internship Positions - Germantown, MD
Intern duties will include soil preparation, planting, cultivating and harvesting of farm raised crops, general farm operations as well as light office record keeping abilities, ongoing management of gardens, including watering, weeding, soil amendment, manual/non -chemical pest control, sets up CSA for weekly pick -ups, transporting produce to farmers markets and local buyers, maintains and operate onsite farm stand for direct sales to the public, coordinates volunteer workers, and visiting educational groups and tours, assist volunteers for gleaning projects for local food banks, preps produce for special food production such as drying, canning, and cooked foods, and oversees all opening and closing procedures of the farm throughout the growing season. For more information email here.

Program Assistant, National Veterinary Accreditation System - Riverdale, MD
The National Veterinary Accreditation Program, Veterinary Services' mission is to ensure the health of the Nations livestock and animal population and to protect the public health and well -being. The Veterinary Accreditation Program is ongoing some new changes to address the needs of the increasingly complex and fast -paced world of animal health, business, trade, and travel. More than 80 percent of all U.S. veterinarians, or about 71,000, are accredited. Interns will be responsible for capturing and entering data from these applications from the 71,000 accredited veterinarians nationwide. Some of the duties include: 
1. Record Keeping and Data Systems - duties in this area involve inputting, retrieving, and/or consolidating data into computerized national record keeping system. This may include reviewing, coding, entering and manipulating information in special program tracking and logging system.
2. Program Action Processing - This function involves gathering documentation; reviewing appropriateness and completeness; initialing action to resolve deficiencies in documentation that was submitted. 

For more information contact Dr. Bettye K. Walters.

Intern, Spring Hill Farm - Fauquier County, VA
Spring Hill Farm in Fauquier County, Virginia is seeking qualified summer interns (June -August) to work with the breeding, raising and initial training of Thoroughbred race horses. Depending on applicant experience, applicant preference and farm needs, workload can focus on mares and foals or yearlings. Duties will include stall cleaning, turn out, feeding, medicating, grooming, bathing, exercising, assisting with farrier and veterinary care, etc… A minimum of 2 years of equine work experience or experience combined with equine production classes required. The ability and desire to learn through hands -on working experience is also prerequisite. Resume and references can be submitted to Barbara Anne Day in the farm office.

Days End Horse Farm - Lisbon, MD
Days End Farm Horse Rescue’s Internship Program is designed to immerse participants in the daily operations of a non -profit horse rescue by giving them an unique opportunity to work with neglected and abused horses seized by state -wide Animal Control agencies. Through education and interaction, students gain experience working with equine professionals and the public throughout the rescue and rehabilitation process. Interns can expect to gain significant equine husbandry experience, recognize equine cruelty and neglect, receive training in basic rehabilitation, and learn about horse psychology and its application in training. Stipend available, on site housing available.

Kentucky Equine Management Internship (KEMI) - KY
Through this internship, students integrate academic studies with practical experience, leadership and responsibility as a contributing participant on a Central Kentucky horse farm. Aside from farm commitments, students are introduced into a network of equine professionals representing multifaceted careers in the equine profession. Paid.

Sligo Creek Farm - Olney or Greenbelt, MD
Intern duties will include some administrative (about 2 -4 hours/week), recording crop condition, yield and other notes, assisting at farmers markets, including preparing produce for transport to market, display set -up, working with customers, handling cash, and disassembly of display, assisting with CSA share delivery and distribution, and other marketing and selling tasks as needed. For more information contact John Brill or Edwin Gould.