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Planning for your ANSC Career

Careers in ANSC

Animal Science is a very broad field with a wide range of careers available. Many students in our Science/Pre-Profesionnal option choose to continue their education in a variety of professional schools, ranging from veterinary school and MS/PhD graduate programs to things like human medical school or higher education. Our graduates also pursue industry and hands-on careers, such as research technicians, animal care specialists, sales or marketing representatives, and animal producers. The sub-menus on this Careers page will help you explore possible careers, learn what might be a good fit, and find out how to gain experience and build lasting professional relationships!

ANSC Careers Course

ANSC115 (offered every spring) is a 1-credit course designed to equip students with important knowledge to make informed choices and to take actions that will enhance your competitive edge in the job market.  The course will start with information on the general job market in animal science, how to find internships and other hands-on experiences, and how to present yourself as a professional.  From there we will explore opportunities in different fields and in a range of work settings. In addition, students will have the opportunity to prepare resumes and improve oral presentation skills while working with their peers.

Courses to help you on your career path

As you narrow your focus on which general area of ANSC you might want to work in, you can consult our chart of recommended courses based on your area of interest, and select Management and Advanced Elective courses that will best prepare you for careers in that field.


Networking is the process of building a set of relationships that will support you throughout your career. Getting to know people who already work in the ANSC industry is a great way to explore the careers that might be available to you, as well as helping secure an internship or job. If you identify someone working in a job you're interested in, consider reaching out to them to request an informational interview. Informational interviews are a great way to learn more about a position or a company, and help you determine if that job would be a good fit. Networking can take a variety of forms, many of which are highlighted on the Career Center's Networking page. Social media (including LinkedIn and Terrapin Connect) is also a valuable tool to connect you with industry professionals.

Alumni and job placement

Alums of our program go into a wide range of career fields, including: veterinary medicine, graduate school, laboratory animal care, equine care and husbandry, livestock management, research, production, and many more!





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