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Academic Credit for Internships

How do students get academic credit for internships?

There are three different options available for ANSC students to gain academic credit for internships. To learn more about each option, including detailed instructions on how to enroll in the indicated courses, click on the link provided.

Students interested in finding out more about earning academic credit for an internship should contact Dr. Monica VanKlompenberg, our ANSC Internship Coordinator.

1. ANSC389 or ANSC399 - Credits will count as general electives, not towards any specific ANSC requirement. For Fall 2019 - completed forms MUST be turned in to ANS 1415 (Animal Science Undergraduate Office) by 4pm on Wed 9/4. Late submissions will not be accepted.

2. ANSC359 - Credits can count as in-major Scholarship in Practice (General Education requirement), as well as 3-credits of Advanced ANSC Elective requirement. **Important note: Students can only use ANSC359 to satisfy 3 credits of the Advanced ANSC Elective requirement. Even if you take ANSC359 for more than 3 credits, it can only count towards 3 credits of the Advanced ANSC Elective.

3. UNIV099 - A non-credit course which provides transcript verification of your internship without a tuition charge. Most often used for summer internships or when the internship provider requires the student be enrolled for credit during the internship period.

There are a few additional factors to keep in mind when a student wants to get credit for an internship.

  • Regardless of which option is used to get credit, there has to be an academic product that is produced from the internship. The student can't just get credit for being an intern. The product must be something like a research paper or a presentation about some aspect of the internship.
  • Students must get credit for an internship the semester they are doing it. This means if you are doing a summer internship and want academic credit for it, you have to register for those credits at UMD during the summer.


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