Recent ANSC Department Grants

Throughout a challenging year, ANSC department research had continued as has grant applications and awards to various research and faculty members. Congratulations to all our grant recipients and keep up the great research and work!

June 30, 2021

Using HDAC Inhibitors to Improve Swine Growth

Dr. C. H. Stahl
$ 497,000
2020 - 2023
The long-term goal of this project is to improve the sustainability of swine production. Understanding the roles of HDACs in muscle and fat growth and development, which underpin growth efficiency is critical to improving the sustainability of swine production.

Heme Trafficking and Recycling in Iron Metabolism

Dr. Iqbal Hamza
$ 1,934,000
7/20 - 6/24
The proposed goal of this R01 project is to elucidate the mechanisms for how HRG1 promotes heme tolerance and hemazoin formation at the macrophage-erythroid axis.

Big-Data Genomic Investigation to Improve Dairy Cattle Health

Dr. Li Ma and co-PDs
$ 500,000
2020 - 2023

The proposal addresses priorities of USDA NIFA Animal Health and Disease Program: genomic/genetic or whole-animal aspects of animal health and disease as well as disease prevention and control such as breeding animals for disease resistance. We target six common dairy cattle diseases with a specific focus on mastitis, the most common dairy cattle disease in the dairy industry.

Transforming Reproductive Physiology

Dr. Monica VanKlompenberg
University of Maryland Teaching Innovations Grant
$ 10,500
7/20 - 8/20
The proposed goal was to modify our reproductive physiology lecture (ANSC446) and laboratory (ANSC447) courses to online for Fall 2020 due to COVID-19 by creating video lectures and interactive activities that included the creation of species Wiki as a team project, gamification activities, and the use of laboratory simulations to help students engage with the materials.

Systems-based Integrated Program for Enhancing the Sustainability of Antibiotic-Restricted Poultry Production

Dr. Shawna Weimer, with Dr. Tom Porter and Dr. Jonathan Moyle
University of Connecticut
$ 647,000
9/20 - 9/24
This proposal’s goal is to promote sustainability of broiler production by targeting three major system components in the poultry sector, namely Chicken, Humans and the Environment through an interdisciplinary team with ten targeted objectives.

Incorporating Functional Genomics Data in Cattle GWAS and Genomic Selection

Dr. Li Ma
$ 500,000
1/21 - 12/23
The overall goal of this proposal is to accelerate the genomic improvement of economically important traits in cattle, through integration of functional genoics and annotation data, genome wide association study and genomic selection analyses.

Whole-Genome Analyses/Selection to Increase Muscle Yield and Reduce Fillet Downgrading in Rainbow Trout

Dr. Mohamed Salem
$ 500,000
1/21 - 1/25
Our goal is to utilize genomic analyses to identify genetic markers predictable of muscle-yield/quality and, more importantly, to implement genomic selection to achieve a higher genetic gain in these important traits in selectively bred fish genetic lines at the USDA/ARS and major commercial producers. The impact of applying genomic selection is that it can reduce animal selection time (from 2-3 years to 3 weeks) and increase production efficiency by 30-50 percent.