MAES Grants

July 7, 2016

Six ANSC faculty were awarded funding from the Maryland Agricultural Experiment Station (MAES) Competitive Grant Program for 2016-2017.  

Dr. Amy Burk received $21,000 for her proposal entitled, “Get it under cover!  Restoring soil health in high use areas of farms with traffic-tolerant grasses.”  
Dr. Rachel Dennis received $29,900 to study “Animal health and production and animal product. 
Dr. Tom Porter received $30,000 for his proposal entitled, “Identification of mechanisms and gene networks associated with differences in egg production in turkey hens.”

Dr. Chad Stahl was awarded $30,000 to fund his proposal entitled, “Improving efficiency of meat production with Tributyrin.”

Dr. Bhanu Telugu received $30,000 for his proposal entitled, “Genome editing to create germ cell deficient livestock.”  
Dr. Zhengguo Xiao was awarded $30,000 for his proposal entitled, “Exosomes in the immune regulation induced by Ostertagia Ostertagi in cattle.”