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Mader Wins First Place in Undergraduate Dairy Production Oral Competition at ADSA

Hannah Mader
Hannah Mader, a May 2019 graduate of ANSC.

The 2019 Annual Meeting of the American Dairy Science Association (ADSA) was held June 23-26 in Cincinnati, Ohio and attended by ANSC students Hannah Mader, Rachael Rha, graduate student Amanda Fischer, and ANSC alum, Dr. Cynthia Scholte. Hannah Mader received first prize in the American Dairy Science Association-Student Affiliate Division Undergraduate Dairy Production Oral Competition. Competing against five other contestants, the title of her talk was: Immune response to Escherichia coli-induced bovine mastitis in lactating dairy cows (co-authors of the paper were C. Scholte, D. Biswas, and K. Moyes). The focus of their study was to test citral, a major component of citrus oil, against E. Coli induced mastitis. Her presentation covered all aspects of the study, sampling, analysis and background information regarding the need for alternatives, the use of citrus oil and the basic immune response. “The immune response was my main focus in my research, specifically acute phase protein and cytokines concentrations.” Hannah is a May 2019 graduate of ANSC. She has been accepted at Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine and will be matriculating at Virginia Tech this fall. While at UMD she worked in Dr. Moyes’ lab on dairy nutritional immunogy.

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