Judith E. Brocksmith Pre-Veterinary Scholarship Winners

Four ANSC Pre-Vet Students Receive Scholarship Awards

Judith E. Brocksmith Pre-Veterinary Scholarship Winners (from left to right): Kruti Patel, Jolie Quiros, Avital Saletsky, and Laura Grant

Image Credit: Jonathan Stephanoff

October 26, 2021 Jonathan Stephanoff

Four Animal and Avian Sciences students were awarded the Judith E. Brocksmith Pre-Veterinary Scholarship this semester. Laura Grant, Kruti Patel, Jolie Quiros, and Avital Saletsky received this prestigious scholarship that is designated for pre-vet students and based on merit. Ms. Brocksmith is the donor for the namesake scholarship and a University of Maryland Alumna, Class of 1964.

Each of these ANSC students spoke of the motivations that lead them in the direction of veterinary medicine, and all share a love and care for animals. At the age of 12, Avital made a documentary on the gestation and birthing process of a pet guinea pig. Jolie and Kruti have worked with veterinarians and these experiences lead them to want to become one themselves.

Kruti has interned at the Prince George’s County SPCA. “Seeing the veterinarians volunteer their weekends to provide services for low-income families in the area has shown me true compassion for animals and what it really means to be a vet. Experiences like this have only drawn me more towards this career.”

When asked why she chose to attend UMD, Laura said, “I loved the atmosphere of the campus. I knew the strong animal science department would prepare me for veterinary school and the on-campus farm would give me excellent hands-on experiences.” In fact, three of the recipients highlighted the hands-on experience of the Campus Farm and all four spoke of the strength and opportunities of the Animal and Avian Sciences Department.

Kruti and Laura have found their favorite classes to be Anatomy and labs, while Jolie and Avital have best enjoyed the sheep and lamb classes on the Campus Farm. Avital discovered “the hands-on experience with sheep during a global pandemic was the perfect relief from the stress of online classes.”

Each student has different thoughts on where they hope to focus their careers, but all are looking forward to veterinary school. Jolie hopes “to focus my veterinary career on emergency medicine and surgery or on veterinary epidemiology. I'm hoping to explore both of these options in veterinary school.”