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Faculty/Staff Cookoff 2018

Our 2018 Faculty/Staff Cookoff Winners!
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Sixteen cooks faced off to win the coveted Cookoff ribbons this year on
September 20.  They made all sorts of exceptionally delicious dishes and the
competition was fierce, but when the marbles were weighed, these were the

The Winners of the 2018 Faculty/Staff Cookoff

Main Dish
First Place:
Lasagna Soup Supreme
Carol Keefer

Second Place:
Special Mac
Sarah Balcom

Third Place:
Kimchi Rice
John Song

Side Dish
First Place:
Scallion Pancakes
Byung-Eun Kim

Second Place:
Elote (Mexican Street Corn) Dip - it's a fiesta in your mouth!
Libby Dufour

Third Place:
Red beans and rice
Ronique Beckford

First Place:
Pigs in the Mud
Monica VanKlompenberg

Second Place:
Tammy's When Life Gives You Lemons Scones
Tammy Korolnek

Third Place:
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies
Megan McLean

Winners of the bobbleheads for Best of...
Best of Beef:  Carol Keefer
Best of Dairy:  Carol Keefer
Best of Poultry:  Ronique Beckford
Best of Pork:  Monica VanKlompenberg

Huge thanks goes to the Social Events Committee and all the volunteers that
worked on the sidelines to make this happen and of course, to all the
students who came to judge!

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