College of Agriculture & Natural Resources
Animal & Avian Sciences

Dr. Rachel Dennis Joins ANSC

Joining the faculty in the Department of Animal & Avian Sciences at the University of Maryland felt like coming home in more ways than one for Rachel Dennis.
A native of Virginia, Dennis received her master’s degree from the ANSC Department at UMD in 2004 and has fond memories of visiting her grandparents who raised broiler chickens on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Now, as an assistant professor for ANSC, Dennis will be conducting research addressing issues of poultry production and well-being. Her research also focuses on behavioral neurophysiology and understanding the mechanisms of neural plasticity and the impacts on behavior. Prior to coming to Maryland, Dennis worked with the USDA Livestock Behavior Research Unit in West Lafayette, Indiana. Just last month, she successfully climbed Mount Kilimanjaro with her dog and training partner, Parker.
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