ANSC Student and Program Awards & Recognitions Roundup

A collection of recent and notable recognitions for the department and students

Maggie Hines (top left), Declan Kehlbeck (top right), Jaanavi Selvaraj (lower left), Angel Perez-Lugones (lower right)

June 20, 2023 Jonathan Stephanoff

UMD Graduate School Honors ANSC Graduate Program with Department Award:

The Department of Animal & Avian Sciences Graduate Program was selected to receive the first Departmental Award for Graduate Student Mentorship from the Graduate School. The award was launched this year by the Graduate School as a way to recognize and honor graduate programs on campus who are setting standards of excellence in mentorship.

The department was chosen based on having a strong Statement of Expectations for Graduate Student Mentoring submitted this year; and receiving excellent feedback from graduate students in the program on gradSERU survey questions about the quality of faculty mentoring and advising.

AGNR Undergraduate Research Support Award:

ANSC undergraduate Declan Kehlbeck received two scholarships for his research to help develop avian intestinal organoids, which are mini guts grown in the lab and used to study how avian enteric viruses replicate in them. Read more.

MAES Research Grant Program:

AGNR honors student Thomas Podles in the Schiffmacher Lab was awarded research support funds through the Maryland Agricultural Experiment Station (MAES) Competitive Grant Program. Learn more about MAES Grant Program.

Ann G. Wylie Dissertation Fellowship:

ANSC graduate student Maggie Hines in the Taneyhill Lab was awarded an Ann G. Wylie Dissertation Fellowship from the UMD Graduate School. This prestigious fellowship will give Hines a full semester of financial support, allowing her to focus on wrapping up her experiments and writing her dissertation. Learn more about the Ann G. Wylie Dissertation Fellowship.

AGNR Alumni Network Awards:

Every year, the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Alumni Network awards outstanding members of the graduating class. ANSC student award recipients:

  • Jarvis Scott - ANSC’s Outstanding Graduate Student
  • Jaanavi Selvaraj - Outstanding Service to AGNR through Academics
  • Niraj Suresh - Outstanding Service to AGNR through Community/Extension
  • Eliza White - ANSC’s Outstanding Undergraduate Student

ANSC Department Awards:

ANSC presents departmental leadership and academic achievement awards to graduating students.

  • Outstanding Leadership Awards for Spring 2023:

    • Holly Bland
    • Emma Kellenberger
    • Mary Parent
    • Angelina Perez-Lugones
    • Jaanavi Selvaraj
    • Eliza White
  • Outstanding Academic Achievement Awards for Spring 2023:

    • Rachel Fishkind
    • Haleigh Gonzalez
    • Mary Parent
    • Eliza White