ANSC Graduate Student Kuan Ling Liu Earns Awards for Research in Poultry Science

Genetic research into growth hormone in chicken embryos can increase broiler performance through natural means

Kuan Ling Liu at the 2022 Poultry Science Association’s Annual Meeting

July 21, 2022 Jonathan Stephanoff

ANSC Ph.D. Candidate Kuan Ling Liu received multiple awards for his research presentation at the 2022 Poultry Science Association’s (PSA) annual meeting in San Antonio, Texas, on July 11-14. Liu’s research focus in Dr. Porter’s lab is molecular genetics, and he presented ongoing research into embryonic development in broiler chickens.

Kuan Ling Liu’s oral presentation was titled, “Identification cis-acting elements essential for glucocorticoid induction of growth hormone gene expression in chicken embryonic pituitary cells.” Liu explained, “We want to better understand the mechanism behind how growth hormone is regulated in broiler chickens during embryonic development. By identifying regulators essential for growth hormone production, we can potentially further increase broiler performance through natural means.”

Liu won first place in oral presentations in the Genetics and Molecular Biology section, as well as one of the two Hy-Line International Awards for Genetics and Genomics. The Hy-Line Award is for the best oral or poster reports related to quantitative genetics, molecular genetics, or genomics research, and given by the Hy-Line International Research and Development department to promote poultry research by graduate students and to support the Poultry Science Association.

“Keeping up to date with the current poultry research and consumer demands,” was one thing that Liu gained by attending the PSA’s annual meeting. Explaining further he said, “knowing consumers are putting emphasis on welfare and sustainability, they invited speakers that spoke about different areas of poultry research and how each relates to both welfare and sustainability.”

Liu added that he enjoyed other elements of the meeting, highlighting, “the social aspect where I got to connect with not only the senior members of PSA but other fellow graduate students. As much as I enjoyed talking about science and chickens, I liked that we connected at a personal level where we can just have a casual conversation about life over a beer.”

To attend the Poultry Science Association’s annual meeting, Liu was granted travel awards including an ARPAS-ANSC Award 2022, Jacob K. Goldhaber Travel Grant 2022, and ANSC Shaffner Award 2021.

Congratulations to Kuan Ling Liu for his research honors and awards.