AGNR Donor Profile: Judith Brocksmith

Brocksmith established fund to ensure quality education is accessible to future veterinarians

Judith Brocksmith

August 18, 2022 AGNR Communications Staff

When Judith Brocksmith was in first grade, she carried home a kitten in the basket of her bicycle. Given to her by a classmate, his name was Puff, and he was the first in a long line of cats that Brocksmith would adopt over time. She’s devoted to caring for her furry companions, and dedicated to helping others do the same.

Since 2005, Brocksmith has volunteered at her local animal shelter in Fairfax, Va., working with cats and the humans who adopt them. After observing the caring dedication and commitment of other cat lovers working at the shelter and the veterinarians and staff that treat both shelter animals and her own cats, Brocksmith wanted to do more. In 2011, she established the Judith E. Brocksmith Veterinary Scholarship to support under­graduate students in the pre-veterinary program in the Department of Animal and Avian Sciences (ANSC) at the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

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