2022 ANSC Students Graduate with Awards and Honors

Students graduating with ANSC degrees and connected ANSC with labs are recognized across the department, college, and university

ANSC senior Avital Saletsky delivers her Stole of Gratitude remarks during the AGNR Commencement Ceremony.

Image Credit: Edwin Remsberg

May 20, 2022 Jonathan Stephanoff

The Spring 2022 graduation celebrations marked a return to in-person ceremonies and graduates connected with the Animal and Avian Sciences Department were honored at the department, college, and university levels.

The College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Commencement Ceremony was on Thursday, May 19, 2022 at the Reckord Armory. ANSC senior Avital Saletsky was selected to give her Stole of Gratitude remarks during the commencement.

The University of Maryland’s Commencement Ceremony was on Friday, May 20, 2022 at the Maryland Stadium. ANSC Senior Genevieve Pelletier was one of 60 Senior Marshals that lead the Commencement Procession. Grace Suh was one of six finalists for University Medalist, the highest honor bestowed on a graduating University of Maryland senior. Grace worked in Dr. Debabrata Biswas’ lab studying E. coli pathogenesis and the prevalence of salmonella at MD dairy farms.

Every year, the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Alumni Network awards outstanding members of the graduating class. Caitlin Ryan was selected as ANSC’s Outstanding Undergraduate Student, and Zoie McMillian was ANSC’s Outstanding Graduate Student. All three Outstanding Service to AGNR Awards went to ANSC students: Shannen Auffarth received the Academics Award; Zoe Gruskin received the Research Award; Avital Saletsky received the Service Award.

Additionally, ANSC presents departmental Outstanding Leadership Awards and Academic Outstanding Academic Achievement Awards to graduating students. The Spring 2022 ANSC Outstanding Leadership Awards went to: Shannen Auffarth, Lauren Colucci, Briana Gleizer, Genny Pelletier, Heidi Rinehart, Avital Saletsky, Cole Shapiro, Esther Vergel, and Samantha Zolkiewicz. The ANSC Outstanding Academic Achievement Awards went to: Kruti Patel, and Elizabeth Moorman. Additionally, Laura Grant, Ashana Patel, and Jolie Quiros were awarded both the ANSC Outstanding Leadership and Outstanding Academic Achievement Awards.

Congratulations to all of our Animal and Avian Sciences graduates. You endured the pandemic and virtual learning. Through it all you completed your coursework and research, and now have finished your degrees. You made it, well done!

M.S. Degree:

  • Zoie McMillian

B.S. Degree:

  • Adriana Alonzo
  • Katie Arnold
  • Shannen Auffarth
  • Magnolia Blahut
  • Andrea Block
  • Ashley Butler
  • William Cameron
  • Lisa Cardillo
  • Grace Carlson
  • Isabella Carr
  • Kristen Childs
  • Lauren Colucci
  • Diana Demaria
  • Eleanor Downey
  • Aarin Dreyer
  • Chris Erdman
  • Rachele Franceschi
  • Layla Garyk
  • Grace Gaynor
  • Daniela Gil Jaramillo
  • Kiera Gilbert
  • ​​​​​​​Briana Gleizer
  • Megan Graham
  • Laura Grant
  • Nina Greger
  • Zoe Gruskin
  • Rachel Heeley
  • Erin Hill
  • Sarah Hobdy
  • Rachel Hughes
  • Sarah Ibach
  • Maya Jackson
  • Kendal Joyce
  • Alexis Kagarise
  • Chloe Kehlbeck
  • Alyssa Kent
  • Sydney Kratochvil
  • Katherine Lay
  • Sarah Lenhart
  • Claire Magee
  • Hailley Manfull
  • Savannah McCrobie
  • Brynn McCutcheon
  • Elizabeth Moorman
  • Stephanie Pascal
  • Ashana Patel
  • Kruti Patel
  • Genevieve Pelletier
  • Doria Pertea
  • Isabel Plimpton
  • Noelle Potter
  • Shelby Presley
  • Jolie Quiros
  • Aries Ramirez
  • Juancarlos Ramirez
  • Lourdes Recalde
  • Sidney Richards
  • Allison Rieger
  • Heidi Rinehart
  • Jared Robinson
  • Caitlin Ryan
  • Avital Saletsky
  • Sarah Schneider
  • Cole Shapiro
  • Riley Spickler
  • Dorothea Streit
  • Megan Teague
  • Alisha Van Eck
  • Esther Vergel
  • Isabelle Wilson
  • Jaeda York
  • Carmen Zdanis
  • Samantha Zolkiewicz