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Chair's Welcome - Dr. Tom Porter

The Department of Animal and Avian Sciences was formed in 1997 through the merger of the Animal Science, Dairy Science and Poultry Science Departments. Animal science is the study of domesticated animals used for food, biomedical research and leisure.
Our department fulfills a tripartite mission of research, education and extension.
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- Dr. Tom Porter, Professor and Dept Chair

Student News


Student News Headlines

April 15, 2014
GRID Awards
April 04, 2014
Newborn Chestnut Colt
April 02, 2014
Soares Travel Award
February 12, 2014
Newborn Colt Arrives


Alumni Stories

Dr. Budhan Pukazhenthi
Helping The Endangered P-horse
April Hall Barczewski
Outstanding Alumnus
Jessica Summers
Working at the Elephant Sanctuary
Matt Snider
Letters from the desert
Jennifer Boniface
Pet Food Entrepreneur
Matt Snider
Letters from South Africa


Research News Headlines

April 02, 2014
ADVANCE Seed Grant

Faculty & Staff News

Faculty & Staff News Headlines

June 05, 2013
Dr. Hamza Promoted


Extension News Headlines

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