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Mid-Atlantic Nutrition Conference

The Mid-Atlantic Nutrition Conference (formerly the Maryland Nutrition Conference) is recognized as a premier educational event for the animal nutrition industry. Local, national, and international nutritionists share new, innovative, and practical research being conducted at universities, in industry and at government institutions. Regulatory issues and future opportunities are discussed. The program is focused on poultry, dairy, and equine nutrition.

Brought to you by the following affiliations:

  • Maryland Feed Industry Council
  • University of Maryland
  • American Feed Industry Association
  • Pennsylvania State University
  • Rutgers University
  • University of Delaware
  • University of Pennsylvania - Veterinary School
  • USDA
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute
  • West Virginia University

Special Thanks goes to:

Conference Committee

  • Chair and Editor, Nick Zimmermann, Univ. of Maryland
  • Program Chair
  • Carey Williams, Rutgers University
  • Technical Symposium Sponsor


  • Kiera Finucane, Univ of Maryland
  • Jennifer Reynolds, Univ of Maryland

  • General Program Committee
  • Chair, Tanya Gressley, University of Delaware
  • Co-Chair, James McNaughton, AHPharma


  • Robert Elkin, Penn State Univ
  • Nick Zimmermann, Univ of Maryland
  • Joe Moritz, West Virginia Univ

Poultry Program Committee 

  • Chair, Audrey McElroy, Virginia Tech
  • Co-Chair, Gary Howell, Perdue Farms


  • Roselina Angel , Univ. of Maryland
  • Rami Dalloul, Virginia Tech
  • Robert Elkin, Penn State Univ
  • Hank Engster
  • Jeannine Harter-Dennis
  • James McNaughton, AHPharma
  • Ted Miller, Mountaire Farms
  • Randy Mitchell, Perdue Farms
  • Joe Moritz, West Virginia Univ
  • Bill Saylor, University of Delaware
  • Nick Zimmermann, Univ of Maryland 

Equine Program Committee

  • Chair, Laura Gladney, Rutgers University
  • Co-Chair, Marty Adams, Southern States


  • Amy Burk, Univ of Maryland
  • Burt Staniar, Penn State
  • Amy Iafolla, Triple Crown Feed
  • Ann Swinker, Penn State
  • Michelle Jennings
  • Rebecca Splan, Virginia Tech
  • Carissa Wickens, University of Delaware

Dairy Program Committee

  • Chair, Mike Westendorff, Rutgers Univ
  • Co-Chair, Brad Oldick, Southern States


  • Brian Bequette, Univ of Maryland
  • Tanya Gressley, Univ of Delaware
  • Mark Hanigan, Virginia Tech
  • Ginny Ishler, Penn State
  • Rick Kohn, Univ of Maryland
  • Lisa Tager, Vi-Cor
  • Clay Zimmerman, Kent Nutrition  
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