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** Current complete listing of courses which have been approved to satisfy Management requirements and Advanced ANSC Elective requirements.
*Please note that as of Fall 2016, BSCI105 is now BSCI170/171, and BSCI106 is now BSCI160/161. Prerequisites have been updated to reflect the change in course numbering. 

Course Name

Semester Offered


ANSC101- Principles of Animal Science

Fall and Spring, Every Year


ANSC103- Principles of Animal Science Laboratory

Fall, Every Year

ANSC101 as pre or co-requisite. MUST BE ANSC MAJOR.

ANSC110- Pasture Management and Hay Production



ANSC115 - Careers in Animal Sciences

Spring, Every Year

ANSC101 and ANSC103

ANSC204 - Anatomy of Domestic Animals

Fall, every year

ANSC101/ANSC103, AND BSCI170/171

ANSC205 - Anatomy of Domestic Animals Laboratory

Fall, every year

ANSC204 as pre or co-requisite

ANSC211- Anatomy of Domestic Animals

Fall, Every Year (last offered Fall 2017, beginning Fall 2018 will be offered as ANSC204/205)

ANSC101/ANSC103, AND BSCI170/171

ANSC212- Applied Animal Physiology

Spring, Every Year

ANSC204/205 (formerly ANSC211) or equivalent

ANSC214- Applied Animal Physiology Laboratory

Spring, Every Year

ANSC212 as pre or co-requisite

ANSC220- Livestock Management

Fall, Even Years Only

ANSC101 and ANSC103

ANSC225- Love Me, Hate Me, Use Me, Save Me: Our Conflicting Views of Animals

Fall, Every Year *NOT BEING OFFERED FALL 2018


ANSC227- Eating with Eyes Wide Open

Fall and Spring, Every Year 


ANSC232- Horse Management

Spring, Every Year (will switch to Fall every year beginning Fall 2019)

ANSC101 and ANSC103

ANSC233- Equine Behavior



ANSC235- Lamb Watch

Spring, Every Year

Grade of C+ or better in ANSC101 and ANSC103

ANSC236- Equine Business Management

Course no longer being offered

ANSC232 Required,  AREC250 Recommended

ANSC237- Equine Reproductive Management

Spring, Every year


ANSC242- Dairy Cattle Management

Fall, Odd Years Only

ANSC101 and ANSC103

ANSC244- Dairy Cattle Type Appraisal

Spring, Odd Years Only


ANSC250- Companion Animal Care and Management

Spring, Every Year


ANSC252- Introduction to Diseases of Wildlife

Fall, Every Year

BSCI170/171 or Permission of Dept.

ANSC255- Introduction to Aquaculture

Fall, Every Year

ANSC101 and ANSC103; or must have completed an introductory biology course.

ANSC260- Laboratory Animal Management

Spring, Every Year

ANSC101 and ANSC103

ANSC262- Commercial Poultry Management

Spring, Even Years Only 

ANSC101 and ANSC103

ANSC270 - Animal Enterprise Management

Fall, Odd Years Only

ANSC101 and ANSC103

ANSC275- Intro to Veterinary Medical Science and Practice

Fall, Every Year- COURSE NO LONGER BEING OFFERED (Fall 2017 was last time)

BSCI170/171 and/or ANSC101

ANSC282 - Grazing Animal Management

Spring, Even Years Only

ANSC101 and ANSC103; or permission of instructor. NOTE: Credit only granted for: ANSC110, ANSC282, or INAG116.

ANSC314- Comparative Animal Nutrition

Fall, Every Year

ANSC101 and ANSC103; CHEM231 OR PLSC275

ANSC315- Applied Animal Nutrition

Spring, Every Year


ANSC327 - Molecular and Quantitative Animal Genetics

Spring, Every Year

ANSC101/ANSC103, BSCI170/171, CHEM131 (all required). Recommended to take BSCI223 prior to taking ANSC327.

ANSC330- Equine Science

Fall, Every Year (will switch to Spring every year beginning Spring 2020 - NOT offered in 2019)

ANSC232; recommended ANSC204/205 and 212

ANSC340- Health Management of Animal Populations

Spring, Every Year (NOT OFFERED SPRING 2019)

BSCI223; and (ANSC220, ANSC232, ANSC242, ANSC250, ANSC255, ANSC260, or ANSC262). Recommended: ANSC212

ANSC359- Internship Experience in Animal and Avian Sciences

Every semester

One approved ANSC management course AND Permission of instructor. Interested students must apply.

ANSC379 (formerly ANSC390) -  Animal Science Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Seminar

Every semester

Permission of instructor, for students confirmed as UTAs in ANSC courses. *Student can only receive repeatable credit for ANSC379 when they serve as TA for a course in which they have not served as a TA previously. 

ANSC388- Honors Thesis Research

Contact the Department

Admission to AGNR Honors Program

ANSC389- Experiential Learning (formerly ANSC386)

Fall and Spring, Every Year

Permission of Dept.

ANSC398- Seminar-Research

Spring, Every Year

ANSC101 and ANSC103; Permission of Dept.

ANSC399- Special Problems in Animal Science

Fall and Spring, Every Year

ANSC101 and ANSC103; Permission of Dept.

ANSC410- The Gut Microbiome and its Roles in Health and Disease (previously ANSC489M)

 Fall, Even Years OnlyMust have at least one of the following: BSCI223, ANSC212, ANSC327, BSCI222, BSCI421, or NFSC430.

ANSC417- Regulatory Issues in Animal Care and Management

Fall, Every Year

Must have at least one of the following: ANSC220, ANSC232, ANSC242, ANSC250, ANSC255, ANSC260, or ANSC262.

ANSC420- Critical Thinking in Animal Science

Course no longer offered

ANSC314 and Junior level standing. Recommended: AREC250, AREC306.

ANSC435- Experimental Embryology

Spring, Every Year

ANSC212; recommended Reproductive Physiology

ANSC437- Animal Biotechnology

Fall, Odd Years Only


ANSC440 - Zoonotic Diseases and Control (previously ANSC489R)

Spring, every year

Must have at least one of the following:  BSCI223, ANSC212, ANSC327, BSCI222, BSCI421, or NFSC430.

ANSC443- Physiology of Lactation

Spring, Even Years Only

ANSC212 and CHEM231/232 or equivalent

ANSC444/644- Domestic Animal Endocrinology

Spring, Even Years Only

ANSC212 or Permission of Dept.

ANSC446- Physiology of Mammalian Reproduction

Fall, Every Year

BSCI440 or ANSC212

ANSC447- Physiology of Mammalian Reproduction Laboratory

Fall, Every Year

ANSC446 as pre or co-requisite

ANSC450- Animal Breeding Plans

Fall, Every Year

Prerequisite: Calculus (MATH120 (formerly 220, 130 or 140); and junior standing

ANSC452- Avian Physiology

Spring, Odd Years Only


ANSC453- Animal Welfare and Bioethics

Spring, Every Year

ANSC101 and ANSC103; BSCI160/161

ANSC455- Applied Animal Behavior

Fall, Every Year

ANSC101 and ANSC103 OR BSCI160/161 and BSCI222

ANSC460 - Comparative Vertebrate Immunology

Fall, Every Year - Starting Fall 2019

ANSC212 or BSCI201 or BSCI440

ANSC489- Current Topics in Animal Science

Contact the Department

Permission of Dept.

ANSC497- Animal Biotechnology Recombinant DNA Laboratory

Winter, Every Year

ANSC327; Recommended ANSC435 and 437

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