Scholarship applications are ONLY accepted during the open application period, which is generally from February 1 - March 1. Current and admitted students are notified via email of the open application period each year. Scholarship applications submitted outside of this period will not be considered. Any questions, please contact

Besides these, there are other scholarships available through the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Scholarships administered outside the college and department also available. Applications for these scholarships must be sent directly to the specified organization.

Departmental Undergraduate Scholarships

All students submitting scholarship applications must also have an ANSC faculty member submit this evaluation form. Any scholarship applications submitted that do not have a corresponding evaluation form submitted WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. It is the student's responsibility to identify an ANSC faculty member to fill out the evaluation, and to apprise the faculty member of which scholarship(s) they are applying for.

American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists (ARPAS) Washington, DC Area Chapter Scholarship

Awarded to one current student who is a a current Junior, Senior or Graduate Student, with a minimum overall GPA of 2.5, pursuing a degree in fields of animal, dairy, or poultry science as well as aquaculture at the University of Maryland. Preference will be given to students pursuing a research, industry, or university career, which will be indicated on the scholarship application.
**Students planning to attend veterinary school with a specialization in small, companion, and/or zoo animals only are not eligible to apply for this scholarship.** Students on a pre-veterinary track that intend to focus specifically on production animals are eligible to apply.
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Judith E. Brocksmith Pre-Veterinary Scholarship

Awarded to one current student enrolled in the pre-veterinary option within the ANSC major. This scholarship is awarded based on merit. 
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England Scholarship

Awarded to selected students within the ANSC major who clearly demonstrate an interest in obtaining a career in the dairy industry.
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Tom Hartsock Animal Management Scholarship

Student must have completed at least 27 credits, must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher, and must demonstrate a commitment to a career in animal management by electing an area of specialization related to an animal management career, such as Animal Care and Management or Equine Studies. Students must maintain a full-time status in order to be receive the scholarship funds each semester, and must keep a GPA of 2.5 or higher throughout each semester. Awarded to one Animal Science student in odd-numbered years. 
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Kinghorne Scholarship

Provides scholarships to undergraduate students with demonstrated interests in poultry production or avian business. Recipients of the Kinghorne Scholarship are required to take the two departmental poultry courses and complete an internship within the poultry industry.
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Rummel Scholarship

Awarded to one student with a demonstrated interest in conducting research in Avian Ethology. The recipient of the Rummel Scholarship will complete a research project directed by a faculty member within the ANSC Department. Students interested in applying for this scholarship should also include a proposal for the research project.
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AGNR Scholarship OpportunitIes

Academically talented students are eligible for one of the numerous merit scholarships awarded in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. All scholars are encouraged to pursue the University Honors Program, as well as research projects and internships. Priority consideration is given to those who submit an application for admission by December 1st, and official high school transcript, SAT scores and supporting documents to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. You are also encouraged to submit a short biography highlighting your interest and experience in your intended area of agricultural study. The top scholars also compete for the University's Banneker Key Scholarship which provides full financial support for four years.


College Level Undergraduate Scholarships  

Chester R. Bletch Endowment

Awarded to students whose career interest and studies focus on dairy science. 
For more information call 301-405-2078. 

James R. Ferguson Memorial Fund

Awarded on the basis of academic achievement and financial need to students enrolled in animal sciences. For more information call 301-405-2078. 

Maryland Dairy Scholarship

Two (2) four thousand dollar ($4,000) scholarships will be offered to Maryland youth who have had a dairy project (any breed) and are enrolled in a 4-year College of Agriculture program. These scholarships are being made available from a friend of 4-H and the dairy industry. Click here for more information or call 301-405-1392.