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Minimum Grade Policy

Tools for making sure you are meeting minimum grade and GPA requirements:

1.  A complete list of all courses defined as major-required for ANSC

2. UMD GPA Calculator tool 

3. Summary chart of Minimum Grade Requirements broken down by when students entered major

StatusGen-Ed requirementsMajor RequirementsMinimum GPA requirement 
Already in ANSC Spring 2016 or beforeD- is passingD- is passing, but still must have a cumulative 2.0 to graduate2.0 cumulative GPA required to graduate, 2.0 cumulative in all major requirements
Students already at UMD who changed to ANSC from another major after end of Spring 2016 schedule adjustment D- is passing, except when using major required courses to satisfy Gen Ed. RequirementsD- is passing if earned Summer I 2016 or before, Summer II or later a C- is required2.0 cumulative GPA required to graduate, 2.0 cumulative in all major requirements. 
Students entering UMD for the first time Fall 2016 or later (transfer students, first-time freshmen, etc)D- is passing, except when using major required courses to satisfy Gen Ed. Requirements or for Academic Writing (AW) requirement.C- required for all coursework, even if taken before entering UMD2.0 cumulative GPA required to graduate, 2.0 cumulative in all major requirements. 

**Note that for ALL COHORTS, the previous minimum grade requirements for other departments still apply. For example, the majority of courses in the college of CMNS, (including all  courses in BCHM, BSCI, CHEM, PHYS) currently already require students to earn a C- or better in prerequisites to move on to the next course in a series.

FSAW: Gen Ed Fundamental Studies Academic Writing Requirement (ENGL101): All students who completed Academic Writing in Fall 2017 and beyond must earn a C- or better. This is the policy for all USM schools and Maryland community colleges. Students who completed Academic Writing prior to Fall 2017 (either current or transfer students) need to earn a D- or better.


Minimum Grade Policy (reflects same information as chart):


ANSC Students enrolled in ANSC PRIOR to (and during) Spring 2016 

Students who were already enrolled in the ANSC major under the old minimum grade policy (Spring 2016 and before) will continue under the old policy.

ANSC Students enrolled in ANSC AFTER Spring 2016 

Beginning summer term II 2016, students entering ANSC must earn a C- or better in all major required courses, including ANSC courses and required supporting courses in other departments.

Under the new policy:

  1. Students will not be able to register for courses without having completed all required prerequisites, including meeting minimum grades.
  2. Students will still need a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 in all major required courses to graduate.
  3.  A D- will be considered passing for General Education requirements, except when using major required courses to satisfy Gen Ed. requirements.  For example, BSCI223 (General Microbiology) is a major required course that also satisfies an I-series requirement.  Students will need to earn a C- or better in this course for it to be creditable towards the ANSC major under our new policy.

External Transfer Students Enrolled Summer Session II 2016 and AFTER

Implementation of this policy will start with summer term II 2016 and will be different for current UMD students compared to external transfer students. 

  1. Through Summer Term I 2016, a D- in ANSC required courses will still be considered creditable towards completion of the ANSC major for all currently enrolled students at UMD, including both current students in the major and those who are in other majors who plan to complete an internal transfer to ANSC. 
  2. External transfer students starting in ANSC in the fall of 2016 will have to have earned a C- or better in all ANSC required courses for those courses to count towards completion of this major.  Effectively, this means that new transfer students to ANSC will have all of their coursework evaluated under the new C- policy as the spring admissions process has already been completed.


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