College of Agriculture & Natural Resources
Animal & Avian Sciences

ANSC389 or 399

Students wishing to apply to get academic credit for an internship by registering for ANSC389 or ANSC399 must complete the following protocol:

  1. Identify an ANSC faculty member or ANSC lecturer to be their sponsor. This is the person who will review the final scholarly product and give the student a grade.
  2. Discuss with the faculty member what the expectations for the scholarly product will be, and make sure both parties agree.
  3. Determine how many credit hours the student will work. The approximate calculation (based on a normal UMD semester length) is 5 hours per week per credit.
  4. Fill out the appropriate form - ANSC399 for 1-2 credits, ANSC389 (formerly ANSC386) for 3-6 credits - available on the Forms page of the ANSC website. The form must be signed by the student, the faculty sponsor, and the on-site supervisor.
  5. Turn the completed and signed form in to the Undergraduate Office. Students have to be given permission to register for the designated faculty member's specific section.

Important note: Both ANSC389 and ANSC399 are only repeatable to up to 6 credits total (meaning 6 credits is the maximum you can earn for either course), and can only be repeated if content differs.

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