Approved Mgmt and Adv ANSC courses

This list represents all current courses which will satisfy either the Management requirement or the Advanced ANSC Elective requirement, as indicated.
Current as of: Fall 2019 semester

**For questions on how these courses are displayed (or not displayed) on your UAchieve audit, please visit the section on interpreting UAchieve in our Advising Guide.

Approved Management Courses

Note: ANSC270 (Animal Enterprise Management) is NOT an approved management course, so cannot be used to fulfill the management requirement.

ANSC220 Livestock Management
ANSC232 Horse Management
ANSC237 Equine Reproductive Management (beginning Spring 2018)
ANSC242 Dairy Cattle Management
ANSC245 Sheep Management (beginning Spring 2020)
ANSC250* Companion Animal Management (*In-major Scholarship in Practice)
ANSC255* Aquaculture (*In-major Scholarship in Practice)
ANSC260 Laboratory Animal Management
ANSC262 Commercial Poultry Management
ANSC282 Grazing Animal Management (beginning Spring 2018)

Approved Advanced ANSC Electives

**IMPORTANT NOTE: If one of these courses is a requirement for your option, it CANNOT also count as an Advanced ANSC Elective. Required courses for all options are indicated on the curriculum worksheets.

ANSC330 Equine Science
ANSC340* Health Management of Animal Populations (*In-major Scholarship in Practice)
ANSC359* Internship Experience in Animal and Avian Sciences (*In-major Scholarship in Practice) -
Students interested in taking this course must have an internship already lined up, and 
apply to be enrolled in the course
ANSC410 The Gut Microbiome and its Roles in Health and Disease
ANSC417 Regulatory Issues in Animal Care and Management
ANSC435* Experimental Embryology (*In-major Scholarship in Practice)
ANSC436 Animal Health Policy and Communication (Formerly ANSC489A)
ANSC437 Animal Biotechnology
ANSC440 Zoonotic Diseases and Control (Formerly ANSC489R)
ANSC443 Lactational Physiology
ANSC444 Endocrinology
ANSC446 Physiology of Mammalian Reproduction
ANSC447 Physiology of Mammalian Reproduction Laboratory
ANSC450 Animal Breeding Plans
ANSC452 Avian Physiology
ANSC453 Animal Welfare and Bioethics
ANSC454 Nutritional Aspects of Metabolic Disease (Formerly ANSC489O)
ANSC455 Animal Behavior
ANSC460 Comparative Vertebrate Immunology
ANSC489Q Advanced Animal Biotechnology: Perspectives from Current Literature
ANSC497 Recombinant DNA Laboratory