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Campus Farm Facilities


Dairy Barn

The Dairy Barn is actually our multi-species, multi-use barn. It is used to house pigs, sheep, quarantined horses, beef steers, and, of course, dairy cattle. There are tie-stalls with a milking system that allows lactating dairy cattle brought in from our off-campus Dairy in Clarksville, MD to be used during hands-on milking laboratories. The barn features an outdoor livestock ring that serves to house and handle livestock. The livestock ring is also where pigs, lambs, dairy heifers, and beef steers are shown on Ag Day in front of thousands of visitors to our campus.

Horse Barn

The Horse Barn serves as the major hub for our equine-related labs. We maintain a herd of 5-8 horses that have all been generously donated to the University. In addition to the teaching labs, the horses are ridden by members of the Maryland Equestrian Club (MEC). As part of the club's educational program, they assist with the daily feeding and care of the horses. The Horse Barn features 8 stalls, rooms for feed, hay, and equipment storage, a tack room, and a wash stall. Horses are turned out into paddocks when not used for teaching or riding. Horses are often taken on trail rides at the nearby Acredale Community Park.

Sheep Barn


The Sheep Barn is bustling with activity during the school year. Here you will find Certified Scrapie Free ewes and lambs grazing and frolicking during the spring and rams and ewes together in the fall. Students spend a lot of time in the barn during "lamb watch" as part of our Small Animal Parturition class which is on hand to assist ewes during lambing if necessary.

Chicken Coop

The Chicken Coop is a small poultry house used to house chickens for our Introduction to Animal Science and Poultry Management labs. It has also been used for poultry behavior studies by our research faculty.

Campus Farm Office

The ANSC Campus Farm office is centrally located on the ANSC Campus Farm, just a stone's throw from the sheep and horse barns. You may hear it fondly referred to as the "the Shack" by students and faculty. The building houses the office of the ANSC Campus Farm Manager as well as providing meeting, break room, and restroom facilities.

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