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Chemistry Requirements

ALL STUDENTS: Students must have successfully completed (earned a C- or better) all of the previous courses to take the next course in the sequence. This is a strict rule in the Chemistry department, and they do not grant exceptions to it. Please make absolutely sure you are paying attention to this sequence when building your 4-year plan. 
For students in the Animal Care and Management, Equine Studies, and Lab Animal Management options– please note that the Chemistry department is no longer offering CHEM105. Students can take CHEM231 (but do NOT have to take CHEM232) to satisfy that requirement. Students may also take PLSC275 (Agricultural Chemistry) for this requirement. PLSC275 is generally offered in the spring semester, but CHEM231 is offered every semester. 
For students in the Science/Professional and Biotechnology options, who have to take the 4 semesters of chemistry (science/professional and biotech options), the sequence (in order from first to last) is: 
1) CHEM131/132
2) CHEM231/232
3) CHEM241/242
4) CHEM271/272* (see note below regarding transfer credit for General Chemistry II)
5) BCHM463
*An additional note related to transfer chemistry credits:
1) CHEM272 can ONLY be taken at UMCP.
2) Students who take General Chemistry II/Fundamental Chemistry II (with lab) at another institution typically receive 4 credits of CHEM271, but they receive no credit for CHEM272.
3) All students MUST take CHEM272 at UMCP if they plan to take BCHM463 at UMCP.
**Also please note that students in the science/professional option have the alternative of taking BSCI330 instead of BCHM463, but many veterinary/graduate schools want students to have BCHM. Students in the Biotech option must take both courses. 
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