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Advising Timeline

Beginning with students who entered ANSC in Fall 2017, all students spend their first two semesters in structured group advising. The focus of this advising is to help students develop the tools and knowledge they need to successfully navigate their time at UMD, as well as planning for their career after graduation. Students first complete a semester of course plan building, culminating in submission of their own unique course plan for review. Students then attend either a session on planning for applying to veterinary school, or a session on other options with an ANSC degree and how to pursue them. Students who are undecided are encouraged to attend both sessions.

Following the first two semesters, students then meet with a faculty mentor every fall, and attend the targeted group advising session of their choice every spring. Students are assigned to their faculty mentor the first fall after they complete the required two semesters of structured group advising. Although students are only required to meet with their mentors in the fall, meeting more often is encouraged to build the mentoring relationship.


Timeline of Advising in ANSC
 1st semester (Fall)2nd semester (Spring)3rd semester (Fall)4th semester (Spring)
Fall Entry to ANSC4- year plan buildingPre-Vet vs Non Pre-VetAssigned to Faculty MentorAttend one  targeted advising session
 1st semester (Spring)2nd semester (Fall)3rd semester Spring)4th semester (Fall)
Spring Entry to ANSC4- year plan buildingPre-Vet vs Non Pre-VetAttend one targeted advising sessionAssigned to Faculty Mentor
1. All students do 4-year plan building their first semester, and pre-vet vs non pre-vet their second semester. For internal major changes, the major change seminar and process of declaring the major meets the first semester requirement. 
2. After the first two semesters, students are required to attend one targeted advising session every spring, and meet with their faculty mentor every fall.
3. Students who are required to complete a Senior Audit (generally requested after 75 credits) will be notified by email and subscribed to the Senior Audit ELMS group. Students must submit their completed audit via the ELMS group AND complete their advising requirement before advising blocks are removed.
4. While students are only required to meet with their faculty mentor in the fall, interacting with your mentor more regularly is encouraged.
5. Students are not required to attend advising in the semester they apply to graduate, but are welcome to do so.



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