College of Agriculture & Natural Resources
Animal & Avian Sciences

Advising Guide

I. Advising

1. What is the advising policy for ANSC?
2. What is the ANSC advising expectation for students?
3. What should I discuss with my faculty mentor?
4. How do I find my registration time?
5. What is a Senior Audit?
1. What if a student wants to switch options within ANSC?
2. What if a student wants to switch into ANSC from another major?
3. What if a student wants to switch out of ANSC?
1. What is the difference between a double degree and a double major?
2. What is a minor?
3. What are my options for a minor?
4. How can I add a second major or minor?
    a. Double major/double degree form
1. What is an Exception to Policy and how do I request one?
2. What actions require an Exception to Policy?
1. How does a student get permission to take a course at another school? 
1. What is "Special Advising"?
2. Who needs "Special Advising"?
3. What is Academic Probation?
4. How does a student go about getting the special advising stamps?

II. Course Planning

1. How do I construct my course plan/4-year plan?
2. How do I update my course plan?
3. How do I use UAchieve to run a degree audit?
4. What should I know about course prerequisites?
5. What are benchmarks?
6. What Chemistry courses do I have to take?
7. What is the ANSC Genetics requirement?
8. What are electives?
9. I have an Associate's Degree - how does that impact my requirements?
1. How do I know if I'm under CORE or Gen Ed?
2. What is Advanced Studies CORE?
3. I notice on the curriculum worksheet that BIOM301 is listed in an AS CORE space. Is this a required course?
1. How many credits can a student repeat?
2. How many times can a student repeat an individual course?
3. What is the "freshman forgiveness" policy?
4. What is the minimum grade requirement for ANSC?
1. What is Academic Honors?
2. What is the eligibility for Academic Honors Program?
3. What are the requirements that need to be met in order to be considered for the Honors Program?
4. How do I apply for Academic Honors?
5. What are the privileges associated with receiving Academic Honors?
1. What is a Senior Audit?
2. What does a student need to do for the semester they're planning to graduate?
1. How do I access Canvas/ELMS?
2. What is the University's official communications method, and how do I update my contact information?
3. Where can I read some tips on how to communicate professionally?
4. Where can I view my final grades for the semester? 

III. Registration

1. How do I search for Gen Ed courses?
2. How do I adjust my schedule (drop/add)?
3. How do I get on a waitlist for a class, check my waitlist status, or remove myself from a waitlist?
4. How do I sign up for a winter or summer term class at UMD?
1. How many credits can a student register for per semester?
2. How will a student know when their registration time is?
3. What do the different registration blocks mean?
4. What is the time period for students to drop/add courses without penalty?
5. What if dropping a course would put a student below 12 credits?
1. What does a student need to consider when dropping a course with a W? 

IV. Financial

1. Where can I find scholarship information?
1. Where can I find information on my student account?
1. Where can I find more information about financial aid?
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