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The Animal Science Department has a mandatory advising policy, which means that a student must fulfill their advising requirement EVERY SEMESTER before being allowed to register for courses.

Important update for 2016 - Make sure to read about our new Minimum Grade Policy

Advising and registration in ANSC

Registration appointments are determined by your number of credits, so students with the most credits register first. When you check your appointment time, you should also look to see if there are any blocks (financial, health, etc) that would prevent you from registering, and get those cleared up. Students receive an email from the Registrar when registration times become available, and those times can be viewed through Testudo or your ONE.UMD portal. Your registration time represents the earliest time you can register, but you can register at any point after that time/date, once your advising block is cleared. 

Your registration time does NOT represent a meeting time with your advisor. You need to contact your advisor well in advance of your registration time to set up a meeting and have your electronic block removed. For students who are in group advising, you will need to follow the instructions you receive through your ELMS group and/or email regarding your advising and signing up for an advising session (which will fulfill your advising requirement).

Advising expectations in ANSC

It is expected that a student will show up for their advising appointment on time and prepared. Students should be prepared to discuss what courses they're planning on taking in the coming semester. It is your responsibility as a student to know your requirements and make sure you are planning to take them in semesters in which they are offered. Resources to help you in creating your course plan, including a step-by-step guide that walks you through the process, are readily available.

All students in Animal Science are expected to complete a 4-year plan within their first year at UMD. Students who show up to advising appointments without a course plan will not be seen, and will have to reschedule their appointment.

Advising contact:

Answers to most commonly asked questions are available in the Advising Guide, which should always be the first place you check when you have questions. If your question is not covered in the Advising Guide, please contact your assigned faculty advisor, or if you do not yet have an advisor, the Assistant Director of the ANSC Undergraduate Program, Libby Dufour.

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