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Unsure what you need to do for advising this semester? Visit the Advising Timeline page for detailed information on our advising requirements. 


Advising and registration in ANSC

The Animal Science Department has a mandatory advising policy, which means that a student must fulfill their advising requirement EVERY SEMESTER before being allowed to register for courses. Students are expected to read and adhere to all posted ANSC policies and procedures. Our ANSC Advising Guide contains all information that students need to know about our advising structure, advising policies, registration times, and other important policies. Students are expected to visit the Advising Guide and familiarize themselves with the details of these policies and procedures.

Advising and student responsibility:

It is your responsibility as a student to know your requirements and make sure you are planning to take them in semesters in which they are offered. Resources to help you in creating your course plan, including a step-by-step guide that walks you through the process, are readily available. In order to successfully move through the ANSC major, students need to be meeting the minimum grade requirement for all major required courses, as well as staying on track with benchmarks

Advising contact:

Answers to most commonly asked questions are available in the Advising Guide, which should always be the first place you check when you have questions. Students with questions on course requirements or looking for help in constructing their course plans should visit our ANSC Peer Mentor

If your question is not covered in the Advising Guide and concerns goals or challenges, please contact your assigned faculty mentor, or if you do not yet have a mentor, please contact Hannah Gorrie in the ANSC Undergraduate Office. 

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