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Daniel Castranov (’03) former MS graduate student in Dr. Woods laboratory is an aquatic research specialist who uses cameras and microscopes to view the living cells and tissues of zebrafish. The...
What did you study at UMD, and when did you graduate? Anna Glenn (McGucken) attended UMD College of AGNR from 2008-2012 and dual-degreed in Animal Science and Agricultural Science and Technology...
It’s another successful year in the books for University of Maryland’s Equine Breeding Program! Our year started strong with the sale of our two 2015 Thoroughbred foals for a combined $11,500 in January, along with the acquisition of two new broodmares, and then continued like clockwork with the births of two new healthy colts in April.
Thirty-seven U.S. government veterinarians on an Ebola response team shared an honor for their work to control spread of the virus. Among them Lt. Ilana Schafer, DVM, an alumna of ANSC, who worked in Dr. Carol Keefer's lab during her time in College Park.
Kendra Smyth is a former graduate student in Dr. Xiao’s laboratory who graduated with an MS in 2012 and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. at the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University...
Affectionately known as "Aunt Jeni" to an ever-growing family of pets and their owners, Jennifer Boniface is perhaps the most qualified of a growing number of entrepreneurs in the world of Animal Nutrition. Boniface's academic credentials set her apart from others venturing into the manufacture of natural diets, treats and supplements for pets.
Department alumnus and Adjunct Professor, Dr. Budhan Pukazhenthi ('96) was in the news recently as part of the team that made a breakthrough for the endangered wild horses of Mongolia known as Przewalski's horses.
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