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Pathobiology & Infectious Diseases

Faculty in our Pathobiology & Infectious Diseases Group study... 

General Goals

  • Elucidate molecular mechanisms for the activation of cellular immune responses during viral and bacterial infections.
  • Define host epigenetic modifications during infections.
  • The study of epigenetics and beef quality.
  • Develop vaccines against animal infectious diseases using integrated strategies.
  • Identify new pathways involved in host response against pathogen using integrated quantitative, statistical and computational approaches.


The major task for this pathogen-host interacting group is to decipher how hosts launch efficient immunity against infections, thus information obtained will be useful for the development of vaccine and control of infectious diseases. This group include faculty with expertise covering multiple disciplines in both basic and translational research. Key projects including the following:

  • Regulation of inflammatory cytokines on memory CD8 T cell generation.
  • Interaction of metabolic pathways with those of inflammatory cytokines in CD8 T cell activation.
  • Regulation of CD8 T cell responses by cigarette smoking.
  • CD8 T cell activation under malnutrition.
  • Development of cross-protective vaccine against swine influenza.
  • Epigenetic study of chicken response in Marek’s disease virus infection.
  • Dynamic mechanism of host-virus interaction.
  • Epigenetics of CD4+ T cell and CD8+ T cell in response to virus infection.
  • Beef quality and epigenetics.
  • Computational epigenetics and statistical genomics in animal health.
  • Construction of a novel vaccine of animal against the colonization of foodborne bacterial pathogens.
  • Development of monoclonal antibody for quick detection and identification of foodborne pathogens.
  • Control of foodborne bacterial colonization in animals using natural products and mechanism of antimicrobial activity of the components.
  • Prevention of cross contamination in food and products in processing and preservation.

Research Impact

  • Animal and human health
  • Zoonotic diseases and prevention


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