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Financial Information

Graduate students must register for fall and spring semesters in order to receive an assistantship. 

For registration information, see the Registration Policies page in the Graduate Catalog.


Animal & Avian Sciences Graduate Assistantship Scale

 9.5 Month Graduate Assistantship (GA)


Step* 1





Step 219,503.04886.50
Step 320,714.64941.57

 Summer Stipend

 1/2 Rate4 PaysFull Rate4 Pays
Step 16,358.971,589.7412,717.933,179.48
Step 26,500.151,625.0313,000.313,250.07
Step 36,905.461,726.3613,810.923452.73 

Please note that there are two summer rates, one for students working ½ time (33.3% of AY) during the summer and one for students working full-time (66.6% of AY).

*Step level is determinded by number of years and progress through the program.

Available Scholarships

Rummel Scholarship

Awarded to one student with a demonstrated interest in conducting research in Avian Ethology. The recipient of the Rummel Scholarship will complete a research project directed by a faculty member within the ANSC Department. Students interested in applying for this scholarship should also include a proposal for the research project.
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