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Past Programs

Previous MAC Regional Dairy Extension In-Service Training Programs are available on CD for $20. For more information on an individual program please follow the link to view the meeting agenda.
2016 MAC Program (video) Session Summary: Improved milk production, milk quality, and behavior with attention to cow comfort. Dr. Peter Krawczel, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN
2016 MAC Program (video) Data Management with with Robotic Milkers--Sheryl Taylor, Tayl-Wind Farm Cassville, NY
2016 MAC Program (video) Use of Rumination and Activity Monitory for ID of dairy cows with Health Disorders--Dr. Julio Giordano, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 
2015 MAC Program Session Summary: Beef-not from Steers: A Challenge for the FDA, Public Health Officials, Large Animal Veterinarians, Consumers, Packers, and Beef and Dairy Producers
2014 MAC Program Session Summary: Environmental Sustainability; Silage Making; Successful Farm Visits; Group Calf Rearing

2013 MAC Program

Session Summary: Dairy Genomics, Opportunities for Collaboration on Extension and Applied Research Grants, Challenges and Opportunities of Using Robotic Milkers, Cropping and Management Strategies to Meet Forage Needs, and Technical and Farm Service Updates

2012 MAC Program

Feed Management; Farm Family Communication; Cows, Crops, and Manure; Calf Housing Management; and Working Effectively with Dairy Veterinarians

2011 MAC Program

From Visions of New Business Models to Profit, Managing Price Risk and Cost of Production, and Updates on European Somatic Cell Count Standards and FDA Antibiotic Residue Testing Initiative

2010 MAC Program

Managing for Sustainability and Agility in Lean Economic Times

2009 MAC Program

Information on practical, on-farm aspects of udder health, mastitis control, milking management and milk quality

2008 MAC Program

The New Realities of Dairying in the 2000's: Risk Management, Herd Health Public Image, Silage Production, Communications Technology, Breeding Programs and Reproductive Management

2007 MAC Program

Securing Dairy Farm Viability, Health, and Welfare in a Global Economy

2006 MAC Program

Putting Knowledge to Work for More Profit in Critical Areas

2005 MAC Program

Clearing the Air on Dairy Issues: Animal and Public Health; Air, Feed, and Water Quality; Feeding Fats; and Grass-based Dairying, Organic Dairying, and Agritourism

2004 MAC Program

Staying on the Cutting Edge: Cow and Calf Health, Nutrient and Manure Management, Biotechnology, and Herd Replacement and Market Cow Strategies

2003 MAC Program

New Dairy Technologies: Focusing on the Milking Center and Reproduction

2002 MAC Program

Clearing the Way to Profitability: Nutrition and Herd Health, Labor Management, and Profitability

2001 MAC Program

Tools for Dairy Production and Finance

2000 MAC Program

Environmental Management of Dairy Farms: A Training for Extension Educators in the Northeast

1999 MAC Program

Dairy Cattle Health Assurance: Mastitis, Residue Avoidance, BVD, Salmonellosis, and Johne's Disease

To order a CD containing meeting presentations and handouts from one of the above programs, please send a request detailing the year of the program and the number of CDs requested along with a check payable to the University of Maryland to:

Bob Peters
University of Maryland
Department of Animal and Avian Sciences
College Park, MD 20742-2311
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