ANSC359 (Internship Experience in Animal and Avian Sciences) has been approved as Scholarship in Practice, so can count as an in-major Scholarship in Practice course towards a student's General Education requirement. Students may also use ANSC359 to satisfy 3 credits of the Advanced ANSC Elective requirement. **Important note: Students can only use ANSC359 to satisfy 3 credits of the Advanced ANSC Elective requirement. Even if you take ANSC359 for more than 3 credits, it can only count towards 3 credits of the Advanced ANSC Elective. This course will be offered every Fall and Spring semester.  

Through the internship course, you will be able to create a guided academic project by the end of the semester.  Examples of projects would include a research manuscript, research paper, SOP for your internship site or something similar that you define in your learning contract. Internships for the course can be on- or off-campus and can be paid or unpaid. The course can be taken for 3-6 credits depending on how many hours you plan to work at your internship each week (See the table below.)

Enrollment in ANSC359 requires instructor permission and the way to obtain permission is listed below:

Enrollment Procedure

  1. Find an internship
  2. Submit an internship application
  3. Once received, your application will be reviewed by Dr. VanKlompenberg
  4. Upon approval, you will be sent an email notifying you of permission to enroll in the course


  • 3 credits: 90 hours at internship site (~ 6hrs/week) + 45 hours for coursework
  • 4 credits: 135 hours at internship site (~ 9hrs/week) + 45 hours for coursework
  • 5 credits: 180 hours at internship site (~ 12hrs/week) + 45 hours for coursework
  • 6 credits: 225 hours at internship site (~ 15hrs/week) + 45 hours for coursework

Please contact Dr. VanKlompenberg ( if you have any questions or need additional information.