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Transfer Students

Students planning to transfer to ANSC at UMD can take steps to prepare themselves to enter our program and stay on track with courses. The information below will help you plan what courses to take prior to entering UMD. 

Planning to transfer from an institution outside of UMD?

To determine what courses you may already have credit for, as well as planning additional courses to take before transferring, take the following steps:

1.Start by contacting the Office of Pre-Transfer Advising, who can work with you on the steps below to determine course credit and mapping out a plan.

2. Find the corresponding curriculum worksheet for the option you are interested in.

3. Go to the Transfer Credit Evaluation Center and use the Transfer Course Look-Up function to look up the courses you have taken or are planning to take at your institution. You can then use the curriculum worksheet to figure out which courses (ie WHICH Chemistry) at your institution fulfill the correct requirement at UMD. If you have taken courses that do not show up as having been evaluated, please consult the directions at the bottom of this page for your next steps. 

  • ASSOCIATES DEGREE: Students who have earned an Associate's Degrees from a Maryland institution (AA degrees earned from a non-Maryland school will not be accepted) do not have to complete all individual General Education requirements, as the AA will satisfy these. Students with a verified AA must still complete ALL ANSC requirements, regardless of if they have a Gen Ed/CORE designation or not. Students under Gen Ed with a verified AA must complete Professional Writing and any additional credits to complete a total of 40 credits of lower level/general education courses. Students under CORE with a verified AA must must complete Professional Writing (unless exempt due to earning an A in ENGL101) and two Advanced Studies courses. Students in the CORE program must earn a total of 43 credits worth of lower level/general education courses.

4. We STRONGLY encourage students interested in transferring to ANSC to try to complete the following requirements prior to entering UMD. Make SURE you follow the instructions in Step 2 to make sure the courses you are taking will transfer as the required courses here at UMD. 

  • Calculus (MATH120, MATH220, or MATH140). At the very least, students should aim to have completed Pre-Calculus (MATH113). 
  • Introductory Biology Course (BSCI170/171, formerly BSCI105)
  • General Chemistry (CHEM131/132) - make sure to read about UMD's Chemistry policy on General Chemistry 2

5. Once you've figured out what you already have credit for, use our numerous course planning resources to get an idea of what your schedule might look like here at UMD! 

Math Eligibility and Course Restrictions

Under University policies, the math pre-requisite for CHEM131/132, BSCI170/171, and BSCI160/161 is officially listed as "ready to take calculus". This means in order to be considered eligible to take any of those courses, students must have completed at least through pre-calculus (MATH113 at UMD), or placed into Calculus through the Math Placement Exam to be eligible to take these courses. There are no exceptions to this policy, so make sure that you have completed precalculus prior to transferring to UMD to avoid being blocked from taking these courses. 

Staying on track with ANSC courses

First time ANSC freshmen take ANSC101/103 their first semester here (fall semester), which is not an option available to spring admit students, as ANSC103 is only offered in the fall. ANSC101/103 are prerequisites for our ANSC204/205 (formerly ANSC211) courses, which students generally take the fall of their sophomore year. To help transfer students, spring admits, or those changing into the ANSC major, we sometimes allow students to co-enroll in ANSC101/103 and ANSC204/205.

Please carefully read the criteria to be considered eligible to co-enroll in ANSC101/103 and ANSC204/205.

Minimum Grade Policy

ANSC has a minimum grade requirement for all major required courses. Students must be meeting minimum grade and GPA standards in order to remain in the ANSC major. If you are entering the ANSC major in Summer 2016 or later, your grades (even in courses taken prior to Summer 2016) will be evaluated according to the C- minimum course grade requirement, as you will be starting in ANSC under this policy.

AP Courses

If you earned AP credits high school, you need to have them reported by the AP Board directly to UMD. They do not get transferred with your transcript even if you had them reported to your previous institution.

Transfer Course Evaluation (for courses that have not yet been evaluated)

Transfer courses that have not already been evaluated for equivalency to UMD courses must be submitted for evaluation using the guidelines provided by the Transfer Credit Center. If you have courses that have not been evaluated, use these links and follow the indicated directions to submit courses for review.

General course evaluation process

Instructions on requesting a course evaluation

*IMPORTANT* – Animal Science can only evaluate Animal Science courses. All other evaluation requests must be submitted to the corresponding departments or through the TCEC. 

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