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Major changes within UMD

If you are already a student at UMD, and interested in switching to ANSC or adding ANSC as a double major, you are required to attend a major change seminar. These seminars are held on multiple dates in both the fall and spring semesters, on the following dates:

Spring 2019 Seminars - all held in ANSC0467 (Reading Room)

INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY: In the event that the University is closed/delayed for inclement weather on one of these scheduled dates, information on the status of the session (including rescheduled time if need be) will be posted here, so make sure to check back.

  • Session 1: TBD - but will be within the first week of classes (Make sure to add ANSC101 to your spring schedule if you are seriously considering ANSC for a major. Students who attend this major change seminar will be given conditional permission to add ANSC103 [provided there are open seats] at that time.) 

  • Session 2: TBD
  • Session 3: TBD
  • Session 4: TBD

Please contact Libby Dufour if you would like to sign up for one of these sessions. You must sign up to attend the session, and you must attend a session to be eligible to change to the ANSC major. You should budget approximately 1 hour for attending the session

Prior to attending the session, you should visit our website and familiarize yourself with the courses required for the option you are interested in. Our main Prospective Students page walks you through exploring our options. You can find curriculum worksheets and sample course plans for all of the options on the Program Requirements page of our website.

Please be aware that ANSC has a minimum grade requirement for all major required courses. Students must be meeting minimum grade and GPA standards in order to remain in the ANSC major.

At the session, you will learn about the differences in our options, and be given Course Planning Resources to formulate a plan of how you would complete your ANSC requirements in a timely manner.

After attending the session, you will be required to create and submit a semester by semester academic plan for completing the required coursework. During the seminar, students are provided with specific criteria for course plan submission. Plans that do not meet this criteria will not be reviewed, and will be returned to the student for revision and resubmission. This plan will be reviewed, and admittance to the major will be granted pending approval of your academic plan and subsequent submission of a signed benchmark contract. Students should be aware that after the end of the Schedule Adjustment Period, (usually the first two weeks of classes), their major change cannot go into effect until the following semester.


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