College of Agriculture & Natural Resources
Animal & Avian Sciences

Course Planning Resources

Below you will find theĀ resources most commonly used for planning your courses. For more information on advising, please consult the comprehensive Advising Guide.

  • Program requirements - Curriculum worksheets and sample 4-year plans for all options.
  • Minimum grade requirement for ANSC.
  • Complete list of all courses defined as major-required and subject to minimum grade requirement.
  • Summary of the differences between the pre-Fall 2015 and post-Fall 2015 curricula.
  • List of all courses that have currently been approved to fulfill Management requirements or Advanced Animal Science Elective requirements.
  • Course listing, including which semester all ANSC courses are taught and the required prerequisites.
  • Schedule of Classes, whichi includes ALL UMD courses offered for a given semester.
  • Benchmarks for all options, including what semester they must be completed.
  • 4-year plan guide - a detailed, step-by-step guide which walks you through creating a customized course plan (4-year plan).
  • Blank template for use in creating your course plan
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