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Science/Professional Option (.pdf)

Core science and math

General Chemistry I & II
Organic Chemistry I &II
Physics I & II
Principles of Biology


Health related careers...

Medical Doctor/Dentist
Nutritional Scientist
Pharmaceutical Professional in
research, product development, technical service, or sales

Thinking about medical or dental school after you complete your Bachelor's Degree? Planning to pursue a graduate degree in nutrition, immunology, or molecular biology?Looking for a different undergraduate major?  Striving for that competitive edge? Seeking an undergraduate degree that will set you apart from all the rest?

Prepares students for admission to veterinary, dental or medical schools and/or graduate school. Graduate school study can open the door to an exciting research career in specialty areas of animal or biological sciences such as genetics, nutrition, physiology or cell biology. The curriculum emphasizes advanced courses in the biological and physical sciences and includes all the pre-veterinary and pre-medicine requirements.

Student Services:

  • Mandatory advising with a faculty member to ensure that you work closely with a professional dedicated to helping you reach your goal.
  • College scholarships for incoming freshmen.
  •  University pre-professional health advisors who will assist you in preparing applications and in connecting with professional schools     throughout the country including the University of Maryland Medical and Dental School.
  • Faculty contact and networking to help identify graduate schools and place you in post-baccalaureate programs.
  •  Many internship opportunities at research laboratories, hospitals, and biotech companies.
  •  Options in preparation for medical or dental school by combining your interests with our diverse and unique programs.
  • Excellent preparation for joint Ph.D.-M.D. programs.
  • Coordinator of Student Services, Libby Dufour available to answer questions at 301-405-1373.
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