College of Agriculture & Natural Resources
Animal & Avian Sciences

Research Opportunities

Students will work closely with their faculty mentor during their graduate studies.  Applicants should look for a research lab that matches their own interests.  The ANSC department currently has openings available in the following labs.  Please click on the faculty members names to learn more about their background and research programs.

Behavior and Neurobiology: 

Behavioral neurophysiology and animal well-being: Dr. Rachel Dennis

Genetics & Cell Biology:

Genomics & Bioinformatics: Dr. Li Ma

Patterning of the early embryo with a focus on neural crest and placode cells: Dr. Lisa Taneyhill 

Nutrient Utilization & Metabolism:

Genetics of nutritional iron metabolism and anemia: Dr. Iqbal Hamza

Nutritional immunology with a focus on dairy cattle: Dr. Kasey Moyes

Metabolic regulation during growth and development focusing on mitochondrial metabolism: Dr. Nishanth Sunny 

Reproduction & Development

Neuroendocrine regulation of growth and metabolism: Dr. Tom Porter

Nutritional programming of growth: Dr. Chad Stahl

Reproduction and Stem Cell Biology: Dr. Bhanu Telugu

Pathobiology & Infectious Diseases



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